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Buckwheats is Open All Year Round!!!!!!!!!!

During the winter months we carry spikes, mousies, wax worms, emerald shinners, fathead minnows and pike bait (large golden shinners) for ice fishing. We carry some tackle too.

When fishing season begins (April 1st), Buckwheats will be fully stocked with a variety of bait. Included are: night crawlers, red worms, glow worms, salted minnows, live minnows and egg sacks.

As spring nears, we stock the largest selection of seeds, bulbs, seed potatoes & onion & garlic sets.

Birdhouses, Feeders and Seed

We carry a large variety of locally handmade birdhouses! From blue bird boxes , to bat and lady bug houses. There are four different finch houses to choose from too! Ground feeders and kits are also available.

We carry premium quality Nyjer seed- a favorite of finches, woodpecker and mixed wild bird seed. Also the National Audubon Society includes sunflower melody and hearts, chickadee, nuthatch, cardinal and critter food and also a high protein food.

Attract orioles and hummingbirds! We have feeders and nectar for both.

And if you choose to feed the birds during the winter, our suet cakes and cages will do the trick.


A nice selection of large glazed ceramic planters with matching saucers. Huge inventory of various sized clay pots with saucers and two sizes of clay strawberry pots, as well as plastic window boxes and patio pots in many different shapes, sizes and colors.

Decorating your Lawn and Garden

Add stepping stones and forest faces to enhance your walkways, chimes and fountains to create a relaxing atmosphere, and tiki torches to light the way. You can fill your garden with friendly animal statues or create an enchanted garden with fairies and gnomes!

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