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Soils and Amendments


Buckwheats stocks potting soil, topsoil and peat moss in various sizes all year. We also provide our own professional soiless growing mixes.

Miracle grow potting soil is also available during the spring and summer months.


Soil amendments we provide include sands, lime, manure, gypsum, perlite, vermiculite,garden compost, peat humus and sphagnum peat moss.

Granular and water soluable fertilizers such as miracle grow are always in stock.
Different ratios of N-P-K and acidity will match them to the use you need.

Soil kits are also available.

Sick of those weeds?! We always have Round Up and a line of Weed B Gone in stock.

Other amendments include root tone and fungicide for house and garden plants

Grass Seed

We also carry some lawn and seed supplies. Mvp turf type perennial rye grass, park sunny and shade lawn grass mixture available in small and large quantities. Scotts lawn fertilizer and turf builder.

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