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Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

Your bouquet leads you down the aisle , so it should be as unforgettable and eye-catching as you are.

The cascade bouquet is a tradition with bride's because of it's full flowing appearance. This elegant style is usually carried by the bride, but is also popular for the attendants when it is a formal wedding.

This distinctive style includes an abundance of flowers at the top of the bouquet, gracefully combined with a cascade of flowers, delicate foliage or ribbons.

Cascade bouquets should be proportioned to the size of the bride and her gown to create the ultimate floral accent.

Colonial “round” bouquets are a simple but elegant style and are suitable for formal or informal weddings.

A round style bouquet can be created with simple combinations of one to two flowers or with a multitude of flower varieties.

Flowers can be formed into tight clusters or loosely arranged in freeform style, and although the name suggests a round form, the bouquet does not have to be perfectly round in shape.

The beautiful clutch-style “hand held” bouquet combines the form of a colonial bouquet with the simple presentation of an arm or hand tied bouquet. The hand held bouquet has become quite popular because the look is simple but elegant.

This style features combinations of flowers clustered in an upright fashion, giving the bouquet a compacted look. The bound stems can be wrapped with ribbon, fabric, cording, rafia and the list goes on with your creative touch.
Bouquet Holders

*NEW-Featuring a revolutionary innovation to keep flowers fresh longer!

The redesigned ELEGANT® bouquet holder is light-weight, and is available in three styles, hammered, leaf or twist. They offer a water-wicking system incorporated into the handle, easily accessed by the removable cap. This system continuously delivers water to the flowers, ensuring they'll remain fresh for the entire wedding event.

Now, the choice of flowers is limitless, so you're free to use delicate flowers such as hydrangeas, orchids and lilies, knowing that they'll hold up for the big day.

Tussie Mussies

The Victorian Art of expressing yourself in the language of flowers.

Historically a Victorian bridal bouquet, the tussie-mussie is a small, compact cluster of flowers with bound stems creating an ultra-charming round bouquet. From a dainty fingertip bouquet to a more lavish creation.

A tussy mussy is a lovely alternative to the other floral attachments. Your bouquet or those of the bridesmaids or mothers. It makes a lovely base for you and your attendants to hold the wedding flowers.

A one of a kind keepsake. Available in tarnish resistant Nickel, heavy casted Brass or Silver-plated. Most holders have an attached engraveable tag. Add your personal touch and engrave a name, date, initials or monogram. Single stands or epergues (multiple stand) can be purchased.

Bridesmaids Bouquets

Bridesmaids bouquets usually coordinate with the bride's bouquet, but can take on many different looks. Bride's often choose a miniture version of their bouquet containing the same flowers, simply differing in size.

Another idea is to have each bridesmaid carry a lucious bouquet of only one type of flower from the bride's bouquet. For example, the bridal bouquet may contain a mix of daffodils, irises and tulips. Therefore, one bridesmaid would carry daffodils, another iris; and the third tulips.

Keep it simple, have your bridesmaids carry a single flower or even up to three long stemmed flowers bound together with ribbons and optional greens.

The bouquets for your bridesmaids can also serve as floral decoration at the reception. Simply place the bouquets in vases or holders evenly set up across the headtable. This will also prevent them from getting damaged.

Flowers for the hair

Flowers in the hair form a natural complement to the bouquet you select for yourself and your attendants. Whether you choose a floral hairpiece as an accent for your attendants, flower girls or yourself, there are many styles to choose from.

Flowers in the hair can be placed at the side or back of the head, on top as a headband, or as a floral wreath or crown that rests on top of the head. A veil or ribbons may also be attached to the floral hairpiece to complement the look.

Floral hairpieces are easily secured in your hair with pins and combs, or simply tuck loose flowers into styled hair. If you opt for a traditional veil for the ceremony, you can remove it at the reception and replace it with a beautiful hairpiece.

Flowers for children

The flowers you select for children should coordinate with the flowers you have selected for yourself and your attendants. There are many floral accents that are perfect for children to carry.

The choice for flowers girls include small nosegay or clutch-style bouquets, baskets filled with flowers or loose petals, wreaths, pomander balls, and garlands. Any small floral accent is suitable for a child to carry. Be sure to include coordinating flowers for the hair.

For Ring Bearers, a satin or lace pillow for the rings, accented with flowers, is appropriate. A small boutonniere for the lapel of the ring bearer's jacket completes the look.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

Corsage and boutonniere accents are appropriate for the special men and women taking part in your wedding. Mothers and fathers, and grandparents attending should be honored with a floral tribute.

You should also consider giving a corsage or boutonniere to recognize other special guests including aunts, uncles, godparents, and to distiguish those assisting with the ceremony such as readers, pianist, organist, etc...
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