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Beautiful Flowers For Your Ceremony
Church Ceremony

A traditional church wedding is filled with ritual and symbolism, and is often held in a setting full of personal meaning.

You can enhance this setting with a variety of lush flowers and candle settings. When you select the setting for your church wedding, it is important to follow the church guidelines for floral d้cor.

With so many options you should be able to create an enchanting look while following the church regulations.

Unity Candle Arrangements

A symbolic part of many ceremonies is the lighting of the unity candle. The unity candle is positioned in the center of two taper candles that are traditionally lit by the mothers as they enter for the ceremony.

The bride and groom then light the single candle in the center, signifying the uniting of their marriage and the joining of the two families.

Altar Arrangements

There are several ways to decorate the altar in your church.

You may choose one low and long arrangment to be positioned in the center of the altar with two coordinating arrangements that match to sit on each side.

At the reception the altar arrangement can double as a headtable arrangement and the two matching can be placed on the guest book table, in the powder room, on the bar, or any where you wish to add floral accents.

One of the most popular ways to create a romantic mood at your wedding is with candlelight. Using floral decorations on a candelabra is an elegant way to enhance the ceremony.

Candelabra come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with the most popular being the seven-branch because it can be adjusted into two different positions. Three-branch and spiral candelabra are also available.

Simple or elaborate displays can be created depending on the number and style you choose. A pair of matching candelabra, one on each side of the altar, is the least you will want to use.

Candelabras hold taper candles which come in a variety of colors and lengths.
Once the candelabra style is selected it is important to finish the look with a beautiful floral accent. You may choose something as simple as foliage with a bow and streamers, or opt for a more elaborate display of flowers.

Candelabras may be available at the church or they may be rented at Buckwheats. Our rental price includes candles and ribbon. The cost of the flower arrangements will be extra.

After the wedding reception the arrangements can be removed and kept to enjoy prior to returning the candelabras to the shop.

Candelabras are a great way to frame the bride and groom for pictures at any location chosen.

Pew and Chair Decorations

Decorations on the pews or chairs create a path to follow as you make your entrance and walk down the aisle. Pew or chair decorations can expand on the look of the altar flowers turning the entire space into a romantic setting.

The choices to adorn the Pew-end or chair decorations are endless. From simple bows, to a few sprigs of greenery, to miniture bouquets or small wreaths. For an outdoor wedding use potted plants or dangle flower orbs from shepherd's hooks.

Keep in mind that you don't have to adorn every pew. Every other row, or every third row, depending on the result you desire. They can also be used to designate seating for family or special guests. Garlands or ribbons can also be used to section off rows. Pew decorations can also serve as extra decoration at the reception.
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