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Beautiful Arrangements For Your Wedding Reception

Setting the Scene for Outdoor Ceremonies

Archways, canopies and gazebos are an impressive ceremony focal point. They set the center of the aisle and frame the stage for the bride and groom. Addition pedestal arrangements on each side will help accent.

Adding graceful flowing materials, sheer tulle or ribbons helps incorporate even more of your colors and enhances the overall look. Embellish the legs with tendrils of ivy and curly willow or weave blossoms together to create an aray of color and fragrance. Potted plants can be placed at the base and set along the aisle as well.
Reception Flowers

Elegant, formal receptions are usually held in a country club or ballroom. Simple, informal receptions can be created in a park or a backyard.

Banquet halls are widely chosen and can be either a formal or an informal setting. Whichever location you select for your reception should follow the themes you have established with your wedding ceremony.

From fresh flowers to beautiful flowering plants, the possibilities are endless.
The centerpieces you select for the guest tables should contribute to the overall look you are trying to achieve.

If a large ballroom is chosen you'll want to decorate with elaborate raised floral centerpieces. This type of arrangement will fill the volume of space in a large room and will allow the guests ample view of others seated at their table and the room itself.

An elaborate riser centerpiece features an arrangement at the base and an element that lifts a second arrangement high into the air. Table candelabra are also available to rent and create the same look with the addition of candles at the top.

Cake Flowers

Floral cake tops are made to decorate the entire top of the cake. If a figurine cake top is already chosen, single blooms can be placed next to or around the topper.

The tiers of the cake can be decorated with variously placed clusters of flowers or strewn all around each tier.

Placing a cascading garland at the top and wrapping it around the cake to the bottom is another striking possibility. Some people opt for fresh greenery or rose petals to outline the base of the cake.


The centerpiece for the headtable is usually a low and long arrangement so the bride and groom can see their guests and vice versa. Often times the unity/altar arrangement is brought from the ceremony and set on the headtable to serve as the centerpiece.

Another alternative would be to set up all the attendants bouquets evenly spaced across the headtable in vases or just lay.

Garlands for the headtable are also available. They are attached with large pins to the table cloth. Choose from one long swoop, two drapes or many little drapes. These can be as lush or airy as you'd like.

Keep in mind that any of the flowers at the ceremony can be doubled as decoration at the reception. See our extras list to get more decorating ideas.

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